Mena Desalination Projects 

With rising water demands and freshwater shortages, delivering world-class sustainable desalination infrastructures is at the top of governmental agendas in the MENA region, which is one of the most water stressed areas in the world.

The MENA Desalination Projects will bring together 300+ regional and international stakeholders from the government, consultants, contractors and suppliers to discuss about the upcoming desalination mega projects in the region and highlight national sustainability visions driving the water agenda.

The conference will focus on critical issues such as environmental footprint, financial modelling and water security as well water preservation. Featuring governmental panel discussions as well as industry debates involving the top consultants in the region, this exciting event will offer an unparalleled learning curve on the latest technology in the desalination domain delivered by the world’s trailblazers.

Top 5 reasons to attend

  1. Hear from government officials across the region about their national sustainability visions driving the water agenda.
  2. Discover the hottest opportunities for upcoming desalination infrastructure mega projects in the Middle East.
  3. Learn about the latest cutting edge and sustainable desalination methods deployed globally.
  4. Discuss with the top experts about the future of water resources in the region.
  5. Connect and network with industry peers to tackle shared operational and stakeholder collaboration challenges.

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